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Carabin Shaw – Accident Injury Lawyers Announces Relocation of San Antonio Office

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San Antonio, August 6th 2023 – Carabin Shaw – Accident Injury Lawyers, a leading personal injury law firm in Texas, is excited to announce the relocation of its San Antonio office from its previous location on 630 Broadway, San Antonio, 78215 to a new and improved facility, located at the “old Creamery” 875 E Ashby Pl# 1100 San Antonio, Texas 78212
The move is part of the firm’s commitment to serve their clients better and provide enhanced legal representation in the San Antonio area.

The new office space, strategically located at 875 E Ashby Pl# 1100 San Antonio, Texas 78212, offers an upgraded and modern environment for clients and staff alike. With state-of-the-art facilities and expanded resources, Carabin Shaw is poised to continue delivering exceptional legal services to individuals and families who have suffered injuries due to accidents.

“We are thrilled to announce the relocation of our San Antonio office,” said James Michael Shaw, Managing Partner at Carabin Shaw – Accident Injury Lawyers. “This move represents our commitment to providing top-notch legal representation and support to our clients. The new office space allows us to enhance our services further and better accommodate the needs of those injured in accidents.”

For further information about Carabin Shaw – Accident Injury Lawyers and their services, please visit or their office at 875 E Ashby Pl# 1100 San Antonio, Texas 78212.

About Carabin Shaw – Accident Injury Lawyers:
Carabin Shaw: Accident Injury Lawyers is a premier personal injury law firm serving clients in San Antonio and across Texas. With over 30 years of experience, their dedicated team of attorneys specializes in various personal injury cases, providing aggressive representation and personalized attention to each client. Carabin Shaw is committed to fighting for justice and ensuring that accident victims receive the compensation they deserve.

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Are Termites A Problem On Your Property


Are Termites A Problem On Your Property

Termites often enter through minuscule cracks in the foundation of your home. A termite can squeeze through any crack over 1/64th of an inch wide. As your home settles, hairline cracks form that are often not visible during a termite inspection by an untrained eye; yet still, these cracks allow termites entry into the timbers of your home. You probably thought your home’s foundation was an impenetrable block of concrete; most people do. Unfortunately, termites often enter your home through the foundation and cause immense damage. There are several different kinds of foundations, so we’ll cover them one by one, first offering suggestions for termite inspection techniques, then solutions for termite control and prevention of termite damage. termite control

Please keep the following suggestions in mind while reading over this material:

Proper treatment for termite damage on existing foundations should be carried out by a licensed, registered termite inspection and damage prevention technician. The application of termite control chemicals is dangerous and must be carried out in direct compliance with the label. Failure to comply is punishable by State and Federal law. Do-it-yourself termite control is not encouraged when dealing with foundation treatment situations. The most effective termite control techniques for protecting flat slab foundations start before the slab is poured. Preventing termite damage through slab foundations, other than crawlspaces, flat slab foundations are the worst in the long-term preservation of the integrity and the most difficult to treat for proper home maintenance of termite control.

The first step toward protecting your slab foundation from termite damage (after a termite inspection identifying any direct threats) is to identify where any electrical, plumbing or ductwork is running beneath your slab. Some homes have “plenum” ventilation systems built directly into their slab. Blueprints or a quick call to the building inspection services department that supervised the construction of your home will tell whether or not your home has this system. If you have a plenum system, you must find where the ductwork is. Plenum systems generally run the length of the home, with three or four parallel ducts inside the slab. Once you have identified the location of the plenum systems, they should undergo a termite inspection by a professional termite or building inspection service. On the surface of your foundation, mark out all heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical lines with spray paint. If you don’t want to have them marked permanently, use sidewalk chalk. pest control : Termites

You’ll need a hammer drill for the next part of this home maintenance process. Ensure that all electrical lines are marked clearly, and turn off the power to the home before drilling. Whatever damage occurs during this home maintenance process is the sole responsibility of the individual carrying out the task described. Professional termite inspection and control experts roughly drill into the foundation slab every twelve to eighteen inches. Building inspection services suggest maintaining a distance of at least twelve inches from the exterior wall when drilling to avoid extensive cracking of the foundation. Once the holes are drilled along the edges of the foundation and the lines of the plenum, a synthetic pyrethroid gel should be injected into the holes until full. The repellent will seep into the ground, penetrating the soil and repelling termite infestations from the premises.

Accident Attorneys – Personal Injury Lawyers

Accident Attorneys – Personal Injury Lawyers

Accidents are defined as being unforeseen or unplanned events that have a negative consequence. It is exactly this unexpected element that puts accident victims off-balance and unsure of what may have happened. Police and emergency responders frequently hear accident victims say “I never saw it coming.”personal injury lawyers

If you or a loved one has been in an accident and you have questions about receiving compensation for your injuries, talking with an experienced car accident attorney can provide you with the information you need. Call our office to make an appointment for a free consultation.

Some of the more common types of accidents are:

Distracted Driving: This broad category includes talking on a phone, texting, eating, or even speaking with a passenger while driving. Due to under-reporting, this may actually be the number one cause of auto accidents.
Rear-End Accident: This accident generally happens as a result of one driver following too closely behind another. Injuries sustained in a rear-end collision can be serious but often may not appear until a few hours or days later.
Rollover Accident: A rollover accident is often placed in one of two categories: un-tripped, which are caused by driver steering, speed or traction issues, or tripped, which are caused by impact with external objects such as curbs, ditches or guardrails.
T-Bone Accident: T-bone accidents or “side-impact collisions” frequently happen at intersections and in parking lots. Often the result of a failure to yield, the side of one automobile is directly struck by the front or rear end of another automobile.
Head-On Accident: The name is descriptive of what happens in this type of accident. The front-end of two vehicles collide. The risk of fatalities is highest in this type of car crash.
Hit-and-Run Accident: A hit-and-run accident is actually a crime committed after one of these common accident types has taken place. When an accident occurs, a driver who leaves the scene of the accident without providing his or her driver’s information to the other driver or law enforcement is guilty of hit and run.

Every accident is different in both cause and seriousness of the injury to the parties involved. However, according to experts, drivers who wear seat belts have a better chance of experiencing less severe injuries as a result of a car accident. It should be noted, however, that injuries from a car accident may not appear until hours or days later.

If you have questions about a recent accident or are unsure if you are entitled to compensation for your injuries, call our firm to schedule an appointment for a free evaluation of your case.