Jade Roper reveals her Secret

jade-roperThe OSCAR ceremony took place last Sunday, and Lady Gaga offered the best performances. She made the moments so special with her onstage performance. She also joined the set of sexual assault fighters while performing for her Oscar Award nominated a song. Her song – ‘Til it happens to you’ was nominated for the award. Diane Warren is the co-writer of the song. It was featured in a documentary where college rape was the main theme. The name of documentary is ‘The Hunting Ground.’

She was happy to perform, and she told that she is also one among the sexual assault survival. She also mentioned that actresses Jade Roper (Bachelor) and Jaime King were also among the group.

On Monday, Jade Roper shared her story in her blog post. It was an emotional blog. She opened her experiences how she was raped at her high school party. She also revealed her age she was raped. She seems to be just seventeen years when the incident happened.

She has added that it was not even known by her parents. She told that she had shared her story only to few people. She felt emotional when Gaga performed the song. The entire room was silent and filled with emotion. Gaga sang with urgency and conviction. Jade Roper started to let her tears down when she saw the sexual assault bolding standing showing the world their incidence as an example. It does not matter for them since they want to teach the forthcoming generation what has happened and how they have made up in their life.

Jade Roper is a popular reality star. She recently got married to her co-star Tanner Tolbert. He is the co-star of Roper in the movie ‘Bachelor in Paradise.’ She told that during her high school, her friends left her alone with a group of boys who were all friends at school. She told she did not want the incident in detail.

She concluded that Lady Gaga’s performance had given her hope and confidence to talk about her story. She is not afraid of anyone anymore. It has been trapped inside her heart for more than twelve years. She thanked Lady Gaga for taking this step. There are hundreds of women like Jade Roper, who feel guilty to share their story but Lady Gaga’s song has touched everyone who has been hurt. Change is the only solution, and it is time to change for a better world.

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