$1M Winning Lottery Ticket remains in the Wallet for Two Months

powerballticketsIt is the latest interesting news we have received from the lottery officials. If you have the habit of purchasing lottery tickets, you will enjoy this news. A person from West Michigan has brought a winning lottery ticket and had placed in his wallet for about two months. He had completely forgotten to look or check whether he had won the ticket. The lottery officials told he has won around $1 million. He has placed before realizing that it is a winning ticket.

Daniel Chase who is 53-year-old, a resident of Alto, Michigan has won $1 million. His ticket was in line with the five white color balls that was drawn on December 16, 2015. A popular new journal ‘ The Morning Sun’ told that the person has bought the lottery ticket in Alma.

Chase told that he has the habit of placing the tickets in the wallet, and he would check after a while. It has made him become a winner after a long time. Last week, he was cleaning the wallet and came to know that he has won the whooping money.

Mr. Chase and Mrs. Chase seem to be excited about their winning money. They have planned to spend the money for assisting their children. They have also planned to travel with family and make home improvements. Powerball lottery tickets are highly popular in the United States.

Another winning news from New Jersey
Last weekend, there is another lucky person who has won the lottery ticket. In New Jersey, $1 million winning lottery ticket was sold for the Saturday lottery drawing. The lottery officials told that the jackpot is about $292 million. The next lottery drawing will be on Wednesday.

If any of the ticket purchasers had got Powerball of 18, then there are chances for the ticket holder to win whooping $266 million jackpot.

It was said that the winning ticket was purchased in 171 Kingston Road, Lake Parsippany General Store, Morris County in Parsippany. If the purchaser has bought the ticket along with Powerplay, then the ticket would be worth $2 million.

The winning tickets were purchased at various locations.

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