Companies are not Prepared but Cybercrime Increases Everyday

cybercrimeDigital_MonkeyA new survey has showed companies are not giving importance to cyber security. Online crime is rapidly growing in the United States. The cyber threat is highly possible for companies. The company executives are not prepared to protect their sensitive data. PricewaterhouseCoopers has published Global Economic Crime survey results on Thursday.

The results show that almost around 54% of companies in the United States has experienced cyber threats in one or other form, and worldwide 32% organizations have got affected due to cybercrime. Since 2014, cybercrime incidents has become highly common. It is said that 44% of businesses and companies in the United States remain as victims of cybercrime. When calculated in worldwide level, 24% of respondents have been affected.

The research members told that the remaining corporations could have been unaware of the possibilities and cyber issues. The survey was taken in one hundred and fifteen countries, and around six thousand three hundred and thirty-seven representatives attended the survey.

The Director of National Intelligence in the United States have ranked cybercrime as the leading national security threat. It is said to be more than espionage, weapons, and terrorism of mass destruction. When the company networks are hacked, it can result in expensive repairs. It is possible if they result or expose their valuable information like corporate secrets, payment information, and customer profiles.

The survey taken by PWC has revealed that 7% of global respondents have lost around $5 million due to cybercrime and around 2% have reported that they lost around $100 million. Amjed Saffarani CEO of CyberVista told the reporters that majority of companies purchase lots of expensive software to prevent attacks. Cyber security is mostly viewed as ‘people problem.’ It is necessary to take action in quick time. As a business owner, you should not delay since it has chances to result in major consequences.

He advised that companies should take various steps to stand completely against cyber theft. One of the best ways is to recruit trained professionals to prevent the attack. The companies can also train employees regarding networking security and other needed software solutions. Apart from these, they can use advanced technology and software to track the cyber activity occurrences.

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